What is a Category 3 Water Damage?

Category 3 Water, known as “Black Water” is heavily contaminated with harmful agents, and is the most dangerous of the 3 water categories.

If you’re wondering what is a category 3 water damage, it all comes down to being the worst out of the three categories in water floods. Water damage is a generally dangerous incident with various possible health risks at your exposure, however category 3 typically has more risks.

What is a Category 3 Water Damage?

In dealing with a category 3 water damage situation, it’s the most recommendable action to just leave the cleaning to the professionals. This way, you can avoid the possible health issues you could have if you choose to expose yourself to contaminated floodwater. For your knowledge, the following will be an in-depth difference of each water category:

Category 1 Water Damage

With a category 1 situation in water flood, this poses no harm or threat whatsoever to you or your home. This is otherwise known as clean water. What normally causes category 1 water damage are overflowing bathtubs, appliance malfunctions and such. Even as it poses no major threat whatsoever, it’s still necessary to ensure proper water damage restoration during a category 1 situation. The reason for this is that small traces of water could still cause possible growth of mold which could then lead to contamination in the future. You’ll also want to know what to do if your home starts to flood, so you can stay safe.

Category 2 Water Damage

What is a Category 3 Water Damage?
What is a Category 3 Water Damage?

This is otherwise known as the gray water when it comes to flooding. This is basically water that has been combined with other chemicals or water that contains either biological or physical contamination. As you confirm that you have a category 2 water damage, it’s essential that all areas that have been damaged are properly cleaned up and decontaminated, as quickly as possible. What normally causes a category 2 water damage in old homes are broken washing machines, overflowing toilet, under kitchen sink leaks and such. Ensure that all damages areas are decontaminated otherwise, this might lead to a category 3 water damage which is dangerous.

Category 3 Water Damage

This is otherwise known as black water and is the most dangerous category of all water damages. This is the category you should avoid having because this is contaminated water that could cause you certain health illnesses upon exposure. Sources that could cause category 3 water damages are sewage or rising water from rivers or streams. With a category 3 situation, seek the expertise of a professional right away to be in charge of cleaning and sanitizing your home. As these people are certified in handling contamination under category 3 water damages, you are in good hands.

Bottom Line

In conclusion as to what is a category 3 water damage, it’s the one category you should be avoiding. If you don’t properly take care of category 2 water damage situations, it could potentially lead to category 3 which is what you wouldn’t want for your home and your health. In situations like this, it’s also best to consider insurance for incidents like water damage. This would help in ensuring security and safety in cases that natural events happen like water damage in your home. If you have the right insurance, this serves as a stability especially in cases when there are damages and claims.

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