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Are you flood ready? Stay up-to-date with live flash flood news and learn what to do before, during and after a flood.

Flood Safety Tips
Flooding Safety

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Flash Flood Awareness & Tips

Flood waters is a coast-to-coast threat. Be proactive and educated on what to do before, during and after a flood.

The Front Range of Colorado has experienced a large-scale rain event and damaging floods in many areas. Boulder Creek did not run over the so-called “100-year” level but many smaller creeks have. Other hard hit areas include Jamestown, Longmont, Lyons, The Big Thompson Canyon and many communities to the East. Also, many small communities in the mountains and particularly those affected by recent wildfires have large damages. Some areas can be described as wiped out. The initial rescue and recovery effort is still underway. Access is very limited. Please help your neighbors if you have resources to do so. This link shows updates: Boulder Emergency Operations – https://www.boulderoem.com/emergency-status/

Flood Water Safety

Driving Into Flood Waters

The majority of flood-related deaths are caused by people attempting to drive through moving water.

This interactive segment explains the most common ways people die in these situations.

Average U.S. Flood Deaths (NOAA)

2013-2017 = 114
2008-2012 = 77
2003-2007 = 75

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Localized Flood Water Mitigation & Damage Restoration Resources

Arizona Branch: All DYW water damage restoration experts are trained and certified for all sizes of flood mitigation and restoration.

For those needing fast emergency roof repairs, Skyline Roofing contractors in Houston, is a full start to finish service with impeccable reviews.

For those needing immediate emergency cleanup in Phoenix, Arizona, the water damage and flood restoration service pros at National Restore Water Damage Company  are available at your door in less than 1 hour to help mitigate standing water and begin the flood restoration process.


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What our readers say

Anastasia Stone
San Antonio, TX

A flood can be scary, but try to stay calm. The most important thing is to keep your family safe and be prepared to act before, during and after flooding.

Patrick James
Phoenix, Arizona

Standard homeowners insurance generally doesn't cover damage caused by a flood.

Steven Rashford
Austin, Texas

Flood deaths are increasing. Don't take any chances, and turn around instead of deciding to drive through high waters.

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Flood Hazard Map
Flood Hazard Map

See our flood hazard maps for Boulder, Colorado here: www.boulderfloods.org

Assessing your flood risk, is the first step to protecting your property. Provided flood maps are interactive and a great resource to see if buying flood insurance is a wise choice. Be proactive, prevent damage and learn how you can clean up during or after a flood.

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Protect Property from Flood


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