Marshall Frech has produced several environmental public service projects. Samples from these award-winnng PBS movies, books, CD-ROMs, and web sites are shown below with a partial list of successful grants and partnerships. Mr. Frech’s current long-term work is “The Water’s Edge,” a multi-part PBS series on the growing problems that floods present to our ever-urbanizing society.


“The Water’s Edge” PBS Movie

“The Water’s Edge” explores the denials, financial incentives, and policy failures behind the flood disasters that cause the most death and damage in the U.S. and worldwide..

The movie includes an uncanny prediction for New Orleans fate just five weeks before Katrina made landfall. We see how wake up calls for such disasters are routinely missed with much worse events likely in the near future. “The Water’s Edge” is currently airring on PBS affiliate stations around the U.S.


Nominated for a Lone Star Emmy in 2007

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