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History Versus "Reality" at the Old Brew Pub


These doors to an old German brewery stand approximately 28 feet above the river in New Braunfels, Texas. The past inhabitants took it upon themselves to record the flood levels of major events that had no doubt damaged their business and devastated the surrounding area.   In 1985, this community (lead by private developers wanting to build homes on the expensive riverfront) successfully fought the Federal Government's efforts to raise the area floodplain some 12- 14 feet.   An opposition letter at the time claimed that the higher floodplains levels were   "unrealistic as to historic data."   

This was done within the context of dam that been built upstream on the town in 1961, but also with apparently little regard for the fact several floods have devastated this area over the past 50 years and claimed dozens of lives. Despite some efforts, and now contending with the hundreds of people now established in floodplain, the City of New Braunfels has yet to officially raise its floodplain levels.

Learn more about this fascinating tale, including the recent floods and how the effected the local people in our movie: "Flash Flood Alley." 

Note #1: The great flood of 1998, which many agencies claimed to be a freak storm, was actually topped by an earlier event in 1872 - on the very same day!

Note #2. These records indicate that there were three major floods in four years (debunking the common misconception of the so-called "100-year flood."

Note #3:   The recent 2002 flood that devastated much of the area yet again did not even reach these doors.



A more complete list of flood levels that noted on the doors is included below.