Flash Flood Alley Supporting Video Clips and Out takes

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Flood Risks and Safety (9 video clips)

Ramond Slade on Texas flood peaks

Judge Scheel on the new Reverse 911 system

Susan Curtis on Hill Country development

The Carrolls on developing a false sense of safety

The Carrolls: “we weren’t really prepared”

Susan Curtis: “we were never told about the flood risk”

The Carrolls: “you have to be self_reliant.”

Judge Scheel: “luckily there were no injuries in 2002

Firefighter Darren Brinkkoeter on rescues he made during the 1998 flood

Flash Flood Alley Segements
Politics, Policy and Economics (14 video clips)

Victor Baker on New Braunfels flood history

Victor Baker on the “100 year flood”concept variability

Victor Baker on the public’s perceptions of risk

Victor Baker on the problem of how science is being used for floodplains

Victor Baker on how flood costs rise as more money is spent on river systems

Victor Baker on how flood problems and costs are growing

Victor Baker on risk and responsibility

Victor Baker: “who educates the public?”

Victor Baker on Tucson’s local press after a recent flood

Judge Scheel on the government’s role in floodplain management

Judge Scheel on drought, river flow and the local economy

Judge Scheel on drought, river flow and the local economy (part2)

Raymond Slade: “floods are disasters to some but profitable to others”

Army Corps statement regarding Canyon Dam safety

Flood Insurance (3 video clips)

Tonie Lopez: “we were told we didn’t need insurance”

The Carrolls: “we’re lucky we had insurance”

Fred Maxwell: “everybody should have insurance”


Coble Case Study (3 video clips)

Linda Coble: “people may think I’m crazy”

Linda Coble: “my friend said it was going to be worse than predicted”

Linda Coble: house history

Rebuilding in Floodplains (9 video clips)

The Carrolls: “we wanted to go back”

Fred Maxwell: “people returning to the river”

Fred Maxwell: “a flood is only one day”

Fred Maxwell: “this house won’t wash away”

Judge Scheel: “people forget”

Judge Scheel: on new building policy

Judge Scheel: “it’s hard to stop the rebuilding”

Judge Scheel: “flood effects wear off

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