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Video Clips from incidents during the November 15th flood in Austin, Texas.
Brushy Creek, Austin

This flood incident took place less than 25 miles from one of the highest recorded rainfall rates in the world. Neither Brushy Creek, nor the bridge is marked in any way. And, other than guardrails, this creek is basically imperceptible to approaching drivers. This woman was rescued after hanging on to a tree for more than an hour in the rushing water. The bodies of the two other motorists were found the following day, one 6.5 miles downstream.

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Lamar BLVD, Austin

Meredith Hill drove into water and had to be rescued.

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Lamar BLVD, Austin

Firefighter and swiftwater rescue specialist Russ Keller explains a series of rescues made the night of the November 15th flood.

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Emergency Operations Center

Steve Collier explains the events of November 15th flood from the perspective of the Emergency Operations Center.

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Onion Creek, Austin

Fran Pierce reluctantly moved out of the floodplain. The most recent flood would have taken her home again.

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