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These segments feature narrated slideshows combining photographs, animations and illustrations.

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Interviews with flood experts, flood victims and rescuers. Video is compressed in different formats, see plug-ins below.
Thanks to our media partners for additional footage

Our collection features images from hundreds of storms and floods from around the United States
We offer audio clips from some of our video interviews for our users with lower bandwidth.

Copyright Enforcement Policy

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If you have a legitimate flood safety education project, we welcome you to contact us for permissiom to use media we have produced ourselves. However, we cannot give you permission to use content that we've gathered from other sources. You must clear the rights with the original source. Also, please be warned that if you use content from this site (either owned by us or by others) for any aspect of a project where financial gain is acquired (whether in the public or private sector) we will take the necessary actions against you (or have others do so) that result in financial restitution (in the forms or fines, fees and judge and jury awards) to the content creators.

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