What to Do in the First 24 Hours After a Flood

Do you know what to do if your house starts flooding? There are several steps you need to take so that you can secure yourself and the important items. First, call water restoration pros and begin to move important documents and items out of reach of flood water.  Second, mitigate standing water as fast as possible and quickly ventilate the area. These are the most important reaction steps for those asking “my house is flooding what do I do?”.

Avoid Additional Risk by Wearing Protective Accessories

You should wear rubber soled boots so that you can reduce risk of electrocution. The flood water will contaminate your floor hence you need to be safe. Try to wear water proof jackets so that you can stay warm even after the home has been filled with flood water. You need to have enough protective gear for the whole family to avoid cases where you will be exposed to danger.

Shut Off Live Current At The Circuit Breaker

To avoid the danger of electrocution, you need to switch off the electrical connection at the circuit breaker. Ensure you switch it off early before flood water fills the home which can make the environment dangerous due to risk of electrocution.

Move All Electronics with Extreme Caution

All electronics should be moved to high ground. You can take them to the attic or have them placed on the top of the highest shelves in your home. Remember if you fail to secure the electronics, you will be exposed to the risk of losing a lot of your electronics. It is necessary to take the necessary steps so that you can stay secured.

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Even if you will be faced with thirst after the floods have subsided, you should avoid drinking the tap water until you receive clarification from the necessary authorities. It is necessary to do so because if you end up drinking the water, you will risk infection in case the water has been contaminated.

Move To The Attic

To avoid coming into contact with water, you should make efforts to move in the attic. You should have a battery powered communication device nearby so that you can easily call for help in case things go bad.

Secure Your Car In The Garage

You should ensure your car is well secured in the garage. Leaving the car at the street side will risk it being swept away. Always take your time and secure the car so that you can void the damage which can be posed if the car is exposed to the flood water.

Knowing What To Do During & After A Flood

What to do if your house starts flooding should not stress you; you can apply the above tips and stay safe during the floods. Always ensure you take the safety measures to avoid the worse happening to your family members. If possible, you should evacuate. For individuals cleaning up after a flood, or dealing with soaked carpets and flooring, according to .gov sites, it is very important to call the professionals when dealing with cleanups.

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