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Austin and Central Texas 11/15/01

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Austin and Central Texas 11/15/01

10 Dead

Several hours of steady rain fell on Central Texas early that afternoon, saturating the thin clay soils. Then the storm hit, a "super cell" thunderstorm combined with tornados slammed Austin and Central Texas. The storm produced up to 15 inches of rain with flash flooding and heavy wind damage in randomly concentrated areas. The brunt of the storm also occurred at the worst possible time, evening rush hour. Ten people died that night with eight of the deaths vehicle-related. Private property losses in Austin alone were estimated at 15 million with millions more in losses by various municipalities. Some of the known problem areas in Austin (such as Shoal and Onion Creeks) were inundated but this storm also produced random concentrations of rain that caught many homeowners off-guard.

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Steve Collier

Steve Collier - A view from that night at Austin's Emergency Operation Center