Flash Flood Alley Segements

Flood Property Damage:

Rainfall levels varied drastically across Austin and Central Texas, making classification of the storm extremely difficult. Most creeks averaged a 10- to 20-year flood based on water flow, water level, and rainfall. Notorious Onion Creek in South Austin, experienced a 40-year flood and many homes were devastated. Based solely on rainfall, some isolated rain areas received enough rain to be considered 100-year flood amounts or higher.

Unfortunately for Austin, this storm did not qualify for Federal Disaster Assistance even though it cost Austin over 27 million in private and municipal property damage.



The tremendous force of
the water peals back the roadway
in South Austin .




Cars are easily floated
and tossed about.



This bridge on Shoal Creek
combs minor debris.



12 Million in damages to roadways
and other structures comes out
of the city's budget.



This business had flood
insurance and 50 volunteers to
help and was still devastated.