Flash Flood Alley Segements
Citizen Story Examples
Swiftwater Rescue on Bull Creek - Submitted by Mickey McInnis

11/17/2004 This near tragic incident took place on a notorious low-water crossing on Bull Creek in Austin, Texas. This video was taken my amatuer videographer Mickey McInnis. The scene was dark and the camera work was very challenging but you can see a woman just barely grab a ladder from a rescue truck before being washed away from her car into the raging current.

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A Tragedy Remembered - Submitted by Mary Henness

"My father was stationed at Fort Sam Houston after returning from a tour in Vietnam in November of 1967. Yes, he survived Vietnam only to come home and die 2 months later in a flash flood. I vividly remember the rain the day and night before. It was coming down in buckets - as the saying goes. My father took my brothers and I to school each morning. My brothers attending the elementary school on the base by a golf course which had a small creek running by.

On this particular morning (January 18), it was still raining very hard and we were not in the habit of turning on the radio or TV for morning weather reports. We left the house (my father, my 2 brothers and I) to go to school. We approached the flooded area not knowing it was such. A car had driven through just a few minutes before our arrival so my father thought he could make it. However, the car stalled about half way through the water so my father decided that he was going to walk each one of us to the school. My little brother got out of the car on the passenger side and proceeded to walk alongside the car. As soon as he stepped in front of the car, he was washed away, dying immediately according to the autopsy. My father went in after him and the last time I saw him, he was bobbing along in the water. My other brother (who was 10 at the time) and I sat in the car in total shock.  Then out of nowhere, I heard the voice of my dearest friend speak to me over the rush of the water, telling me that help was on the way. Now mind you, my friend lived in California and was in school at the time.  Yes, her image was there on the hillside. Anyway a group of army personnel came to the site, tied themselves to each other with rope and proceeded to walk out to the car. When they got to the car, my brother and I crawled out of the car and were carried to safety. My little brother's body was recovered that day while my dad wasn't recovered until the next day. Later that afternoon a family friend went to the site to get the car and he said that it looked like nothing had happened. "