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Recent Flood Events

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current flood events

These flood events have been picked because they depict some important trend or a particular aspect of the overall flood challenge.

Summer 2005 Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma plus East Coast flooding

Winter 2004 - The Tsunami

The recent devastation of New Orleans and surrounding areas was one of the most predicted disasters of our time. See an interview with a leading hydrologist who described the effects of Hurricane Katrina just 5 weeks before it happened.

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Winter 2004 The Tsunami

Winter 2004 - The Tsunami

The tsunami that hit Southeast Asia was trigged by two earthquakes underneath the ocean and killed nearly 300,000 people. This massive wave wiped out towns cities, and generations in one sweeping moment. Amid the massive death toll, a particular tragic scenario played out in the beautiful but deadly harbors where popular resorts had fought to suppress flood warnings issued just a few years earlier.

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Fall 2004 The 2004 "Florida Four" Hurricanes

Fall 2004 - Florida Four Hurricanes

The 2004 hurricane series in Florida killed 50 people and caused $30 billion in damages.

Fall 2003 Hurricane Isabel

Fall 2003 - Huricane Isabel

The Fall of 2003 saw Hurricane Isabel slam the East Coast killing 40 people and causing $3 billion in damages.

Summer 2003 Kansas Turnpike (Part 4 of 4 - flash flood season}
Summer 2003 - Kansas Turnpike (part 4 of 4 - slash flood season)

A violent storm cell over the Kansas interstate washed motorists off the highway.   Only the driver escaped from this mini van -- that held his family of five.

Summer 2003 Palm Springs
Summer 2003 Palm Springs

The following day, across the country in Palm Springs, three motorists died attempting to cross a normally dry creekbed.

Summer 2003 Kentucky
Summer 2003 Kentucky

A flash flood washed away a Kentucky family home and 2 lives in the middle of the night.  

Summer 2003 Las Vegas

On August 20 th , 2003, a storm hit downtown Las Vegas and rescue personnel struggled to pull 60 motorists to safety.  

Texas Events Major Texas Floods from 1990 to present

We have extensive coverage of 5 major storm events in Texas and historic descriptions of 255 major and catastrophic storms and floods in Texas history.