Flash Flood Alley Segements

Things to Come

The hurricane that devastated New Orleans was one of the most predicted disasters in American history.   This interview was conducted in Boulder, Colorado on July 15 th of 2005 with Victor Baker, a leading hydrologist attending the Natural Hazards Conference.  

Dr. Baker's keen foresight, not only in the Katrina disaster, but its aftermath just five weeks later serves testament to the fact that the scientific and hazard research community is well aware of many vulnerable areas.   But large gaps remain in understanding and preparedness both with the public and at various levels of local, state and federal government. This education and response gap exists on a grand scale, from massive storms systems that can effect millions of people, to smaller, much more common events that threaten, for example, the countless neighborhoods protected by levees in this country.




PERI is a lead funder of the Flood Safety Education Project and the work of producer Marshall Frech, who conducted this interview as part of an upcoming television program.