Flash Flood Alley Segements

Our "Flash Flood Alley" DVD-ROM was a nominated for a National Academy of Science award and a regional Emmy. It also received the National Association of State Floodplain Managers' 2006 Media Award for public outreach.

The program has been requested by many different types of organizations, as indicated by this letter from the Texas National Guard who use it to train the many thousands of troops who respond to floods.

Viewer Comments:

Some comments from viewers - submitted via our web site - June, 2005 (after two airings in Austin)

I am a teacher looking for free resources to use in a geography classroom in Bastrop, Texas (ages 11-13).  I think flooding and flood safety are important issues students need to learn about, is there any way you can help me with resources?   Anything would be greatly appreciated.

S Chapman
Bastrop, Texas


Wow!   What a fantastic show last night on KLRU.   I teach (within flash flood alley) Civil Engineering and Architecture at the secondary level and I want to include this video as part of our learning about land/site development.   I can't think of a better way to get students to think/debate about the RESPONSIBLE way to develop land.   Please let me know how I can obtain a DVD or VHS copy.   Thank you again-this show will no doubt save lives in the future.

J Schmidt
Vista Ridge High School
Cedar Park, TX


Just saw "Flash Flood Alley".   How do I get a copy to show at my school?   Thanks.

L. Patterson


I'm so happy that you were able to get KLRU to run your film...I hope they will also show it on a nation-wide basis   since the way you presented the information, it certainly   has nation-wide implications. The script, the editing, and the emphasis were superb.

L Sheffield
Austin, Texas


I enjoyed watching "Flash Flood Alley" on KLRU TV last week.   I teach GMO (Geology, Meteorology and Oceanography) and Environmental Science at Cedar Park High School in Cedar Park, Texas.   I could see many ways that I could use this video and some of the information on the floodsafety.com website in my classes.   I found the movie to be very informative and presented in a way that could peak my students interest in researching the issues involved even more.

I am interested in getting a copy of the DVD for use in my classroom.  

R Eustice
Science Teacher
Cedar Park High School


Thanks for this awesome program.   I live in the central TX hill country, west of Austin, and have three low-water crossings between my home and the closest higway, so my family and I thought we were sensitive to this issue.   But I must say I had no idea of the true seriousness of it, until I saw your program.   My nest stop to Home Depot will include emeregency car kits for us all (flares and ropes at least; life vests?).   I had no idea how bogus the so-called 100 year flood criteria were; this is where our local, state and federal agencies have truly let us all down.   Instead of spending time and our money on silly cultural issues (a state law restricitng what cheerleader can say/do???), what we need is flash-flood education, real flood-level criteria, and retrictions on where building can and can not be allowed - imagine the savings to us all, in life and dollars, if all those homes below Canyon Lake's dam had not been allowed (they would still have been built, just somewhere else!) for example.   Like the guy interviewed said, we quickly forget the last tragedy, and need constant reminders.   I think this program would make a great school study aid, as well as one local communities could use too.   In fact, I'd like a copy personally

D. O'Brien
Dripping Springs, TX


Is your DVD available to purchase? My husband is an Allstate agent and we would like to show the video in our office.   The show was absolutely awesome!   Our office is located in Harris County and many of our customers were affected by Allison in 2001.

Please let me know how we can buy a copy!

S Klaus