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See our segment on Boulder, Colorado here:
Boulder Flood Risk

If you have good video and photos of the Front Range flood event. Please contact us:

mfrech - AT - tec.org

The Front Range of Colorado has experieced a large-scale rain event and damaging floods in many areas. Boulder Creek did not run over the so-called "100-year" level but many smaller creeks have. Oher hard hit areas include Jamestown, Longmont, Lyons, The Big Thompson Canyon and many communities to the East. Also, many small communities in the mountains and partcularly those affected by recent wildfires have large damages. Some areas can be described as wiped out. The initial rescue and recovery effort is still underway. Access is very limited. Please help your neighbors if you have resources to do so. This link shows updates: Boulder Emergency Operations

For those needing emergency flood mitigation services in San Antonio, Texas. Water damage restoration by Gerloff Company is a full start to finish service.

For those needing immediate emergency cleanup in Phoenix, Arizona, Concept Restoration services are available at your door in less than 1 hour to help mitigate standing water and begin the restoration process.

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