There many hundreds of Boulder-area families living in known floodplains and flood hazard areas. On top of this, the random nature of storms and large-scale flood events can even devastate those who live outside the worst areas. With no flood insurance, a damaging flood can easily devastate a family for generations. If you do live in water's path, either from a large watershed that can bring huge volumes of waterlike Boulder or South Boulder Creek, or even just a poorly designed development that channels water to your property, take a few simple steps to minimize your potential losses.

Keep your eye on the weather and local stream flows:
Most areas of the country have some sort of season when flash floods are most likely to occur.

Store valuables high:
Many flood victims' greatest sadness comes from the loss of family photographs.

Have a priority list of what to take if you have only a few minutes to get out:
There are countless stories of precious items forgotten in the chaos of evacuation.

Try to save photographs of your home and belongings for insurance purposes:
Every piece of documentation can help speed up our claim.

Have a friend or neighbor lined up to help you store things should time allow:
It's very hard to rent a storage unit following a natural disaster.

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