Buying Flood Insurance (Call 1-888-RAIN-797 and get the facts!)


There are many ways is which even a minor flood in Boulder can damage your home or possessions. A normal homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage. Boulder has many thousands of homes in harms' way from damaging floods and a large-scale event could happen any given year or even more than once in any given year.

We highly recommend you buy flood insurance if you live in, or perhaps near, a 100-year floodplain OR have reason to think you may be flooded!

The city of Boulder has a great page about flood insurance that we recommend you read:

City of Boulder Flood Insurance Information

Also see the official city of Boulder floodplain map

Note: The "100-year floodplain" is only a general insurance industry guideline for flood risk areas. Approximately 30 percent of all flood claims come from outside of this area. Besides Boulder Creek and South Boulder Creek many of our smaller creeks can also produce very dangerous and damaging floods.


Buying Flood Insurance

Watch this video from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and then call about flood insurance

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