Cleaning Up After a Flood



Workers dig through a foot of mud deposited by a raging river.

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Colorado State University Cooperative Extension:
"How To Clean Up After A Flood"

    Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (of Denver): "After_the_flood".pdf
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A successful cleanup job after a flood is often a matter of hard, fast work and knowing the key logistics and materials for cleaning, drying, and restoring a flood affected area and it's contents. Mold, bacteria, and general water damage usually represent the biggest challenges to those items you might attempt to salvage. And all these issues occur at the same time you will be working to move and store other household contents out of the way while work is performed. If you live in a floodprone area, it is highly recommended you consider issues like: temporary storage options, what vendors might supply drying fans, and where you can go to find a reputable business that can help you if you need it.

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