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FloodSafety.com is currently producing comprehensive, interactive documentaries on the following Texas storms:
Our coverage includes the facts (as reported by governmental agencies), human stories, historical perspectives and insight into the issues that each storm brings to light. All these stories are supported by the best possible collection of images, videos, animations and information graphics.

Major Floods in Recent Years:
Our documentary section focuses on major floods in recent years. These storms all have unique characteristics and involve a significant loss of life and property. An important point is that each storm could have occurred anywhere in the state.

1991 Central Texas
This storm highlighted the Lower Colorado River Authority's management of the Highland Lakes.

1995 Dallas
With both major hail damage and flash flooding, this storm was billed by the National Weather Service as “the costliest thunderstorm in history.”

1998 South Central Texas / Lower Guadalupe Basin
The storm was a colossal event, it dropped an tremendous amount of rainfall over 5,000 square miles with parts of 19 counties receiving at least 8 in. of rain.

June, 2001 Houston's Tropical Storm Allison
This is a tale of what we fear most: a major storm hits a major urban area – 22lives and $5 Billion! in damages.

Nov. 2001 Central Texas
Flash flooding coincides with rush hour traffic. Most of the ten dead were in cars -- trying to get home -- to safety.

July. 2002 South Central Texas / Guadalupe Basin
This large, slow-moving, storm allowed time for substantial warnings and evacuations but still cause a fair amount of repeat damage to areas hit in the October, 1998 devastation.


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